20 frequently asked questions about miniature gardening

With miniature garden designs on the increase in popularity as a preferred hobby these days, we are getting more and more of your questions flooding in for our advice on how to achieve ultimate perfection. Miniature gardening is a fine art and one which we as individuals continue to become more skilled and experienced in […]


Our top ten miniature fairy houses

Every garden needs a miniature fairy garden! And every fairy need a place to live! Miniature garden designs are on the increase and with so many different themes to be incorporated into any one design, opportunities are endless! Designing your very own miniature garden can facilitate the perfect opportunity for someone who lacks a little […]


Alpine Seating Area

I can categorically promise you that there is no greater feeling than finishing an upcycled project! Today we are going to let you in on some top secrets in how to customize an already upcycled garden feature. But just before we get started, in case you are reading this thinking “I don’t have any upcycled […]


Miniature garden design, a winning combination!

  Miniature landscaping is a form of art – that cannot be denied. Becoming an increasingly popular hobby it can also bring people from all walks of life together with one shared passion – an interest for all things pocket-sized! One could say that the interest for miniature worlds derives from within the imagination. An […]


Driftwood trough with Caramel tones

  When we think of colourful garden troughs it normally conjures up idyllic images of a picturesque thatched cottage with stunning climbing clematis, mounds of honeysuckle and creeping roses either side of a rustic wooden latch door. In front of that, an elegant winding brick path that leads to a quaint little picket fence, with […]


“Tommy the Green Fingered Fairy” Miniature Garden

Looking for new themed ideas for your miniature garden projects? Here at Grow Your Ideas are always coming up with innovative displays to show off all of your most favorite miniature garden accessories – so it comes as no surprise that we are super proud to be showing you this new floating fairy garden!   […]


Rose, the Nature Loving Fairy

Miniature fairy gardens can be anything that you want them to be. Fill them with colour. Fill them with character. Fill them with love! That’s exactly what we have done with this beautiful floating fairy garden that we name after Rose, the Nature Loving Fairy. If you have been following Grow Your Ideas for some […]


Wizard Thyme Garden

Whilst you have been busying away with your own garden projects this week, we at Grow Your Ideas have been putting our green fingers to some more creativity with these stunning lilac hanging plant pots. We have created another miniature garden design with a dynamic edge. Let us introduce to you, our fun and incredibly […]


Princess Fairy Miniature Gardening

If you have a little girl who loves to make new and exciting things then miniature fairy gardens are the ideal hobby for you and her to spend some special mummy-daughter time together. Miniature fairy garden building brings craft elements together with inventiveness and a keen eye for detail. Your finished product will not only […]


Lord of the Rings, inspired miniature planter

Lord of the rings fans – rejoice! Now it is possible to transform even the smallest space in your garden into a hobbit-inspired feature, full of all your favourite elements from the film and novel.     Themed miniature gardens are so inventive! They allow gardeners to create something daring and unusual – unique even! […]

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