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Don’t worry. You’re not the first person to question why your seeds aren’t germinating properly. There is nothing quite as disappointing as preparing a patch of soil to the best of your ability, sowing the seed and then waiting… and waiting…. and wai… “Oh come on??!!” A complete fail? Yes – we know the feeling well. That’s why we want to introduce you to a unique concept which has been modified from its original founders throughout ancient Chinese and American cultures as a means to sustain a reliable food source.


Seedballs are a remarkable permaculture technique for growing seeds successfully. The simplistic approach which is forever undergoing research to find more innovative ways to improve its concept, has strong associations with Project Maya – a team of expert scientists who got onboard with Seedballs in 2011 as part of their vision to build a global network of conservation and sustainability reserves. The project aim to increase urban wildflower, thus resulting in an abundance of pollinators throughout the UK. But these are not the only advantages that Seedballs offer! For those who have tried and failed with growing plants from seeds, this effective method overcomes many barriers associated with these problems.




One of the main problems associated with seeds not sprouting is to do with them being planted in soil which is too cold. Planting them later in the year and being that little extra patient is one way to overcome this. Alternatively by planting the seeds whilst indoors to start them off. Another problem associated with poor seed growth arises when they have been planted too deeply. Seeds should never be planted any more than three times the diameter of the seed you are sowing. So these two factors, as many of you will admit come as a result of the gardener being too eager and more often than not, failing to read the instructions careful for each individual packet of seeds. Come on… we know you’ve done it!! But there are many other problems which lead a gardener to such frustrating results and many of these are genuine mistakes that you may not even have realized exist until reading this blog. Poor seed will not grow. Occasionally seed-eating animals will also help themselves to a snack or two once they sniff out where you have attempted to sow. Finally, extreme rain or excessive watering can prevent seeds from working. That’s right – saturation of soil is no good for most flowers, plants and seeds!




Seedballs make it easy for everyone to enjoy growing whether they have access to just a small terrace, a window box, or a large garden with oodles of space! For those of you who are already planning a garden filled with vibrant Alpines from our website this year – these Seedballs will be a perfect filler in between your plants to add more layer, more texture and an extra dimension to the garden. The concept of the Seedball is a mini ecosystem enclosed with a simple clay ball, approximately 1cm in diameter. But what does this dried clay do, you ask? Well it acts as a protecting casing for the seeds. It protects them from extreme winds and seed predators such as squirrels, mice, birds and even ants, can you believe?! Once rainfall comes down, it permeates the clay and they begin to germinate inside. Another reason why you don’t have to worry about how deep you are planting them – just simply scatter and leave! The Seedballs also include helpful minerals and nutrients which have been combined within this special recipe to give the seeds a helping hand in their growth. Chili powder is also added. A strange ingredient huh?! Well… the chili powder has a key role in this unique process and that is to deter further predators whilst degradation of the outer shell takes place over time. A combination of all these features help to overcome many of those initial problems suffered by many gardeners when sowing their own seeds during this early and most important phase.




We at Grow Your Ideas love the idea that they work well in most environments. Seen as our company ethos is all about overcoming misconceptions about Alpines and Succulents and demonstrating the many benefits that Alpines can bring to your garden – they are especially equipped, just like the Seedballs to withstand harsh external factors and even the most challenging of soils. Specialist experts at Seedball have engineered a wide selection of different wildflower Seedballs as well as delicious salad and herb combinations. Compact and easy to scatter, the highly reusable and recyclable tins which are beautifully finished offer an airtight container to preserve the contents inside until you are ready to use. The edible variety comprise of tea mixes, a salad mix containing mustard, kale, cress and rocket and herb mix which includes all your favourite kitchen windowsill necessities such as parsley, dill, basil and chives. The peat-free compost used in each of the Seedballs again, keeps in line with its founders’ strong links to sustainability.




As huge supporters of sustainability at Grow Your Ideas we too, care about what we put into the world and what we take out of it. Seedballs founders Anna and Emily have dedicated years of their knowledge and skill to work with their innovative design team, making the face of Seedballs a complete success right from the early days. As conservation lies at the heart and soul of the product, it didn’t take long for followers to get on board with supporting. Oh… and one more thing – the workspace used to create this unique product is housed within a completely green-powered Ecotricity factory which donates 40% of its profits directly to the Maya Project to support further research on the global network of conservation and sustainability reserves!

More information on the product range can be found on our website. Give us your thoughts on this amazing product and let us know how yours turn out!





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