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Why gardening is good for you!

Photo by jeiline   If you’re going to sit and talk to your flowers, at least do it properly! And that’s what we say to all our fellow green-fingered enthusiasts because for one – we don’t like doing things by halves and two – you have a lot to be thankful for when it comes […]


What gardening personality are you?

So, I was looking out of my bathroom window the other morning and I caught sight of something that would make my next blog topic something rather interesting to share with you guys. Now don’t get too excited! At eight o’clock on a Monday morning, having a little nosey into the bedrooms and bathrooms of […]


A fairy incredible journey! By Amazing Artist Robin Wight

Wood, copper, sand… wire. Just a few materials that Robin Wight has used to sculpt some of his most inspirational visions by combining shapes and textures with his own life experiences. His sculptures have, in the past, allowed a connection between life, forms, feeling and the human senses.   (Robin Wight meeting Shaky, one of his […]


Yin and Yang Pet Memorial Planters

  We’re sure you’ve all been keeping up-to-date with our recent posts. Over the last few months we have been producing some thoughtful memorial planters, designed to the needs and specific tastes of our customers and these have been particularly successful. Using a unique blend of materials, textures and colours with each new creation, our […]


Top 10 Clematis to attract butterflies and bees into your garden

  PUT THIS IN YOUR GARDEN NOTEBOOK: Bees love a varied menu! Since when do we sit and munch on the same meal day-in day-out? Never you say?! Well….neither do bees! That’s why Taylor’s Clematis are a company that have literally thought of everything when it comes to catering for our most precious pollinators. Bees […]

British garden birds that you may spot in your garden!

Top 10 British garden birds that you may spot in your garden!

If asked to describe what we love so much about seeing birds in our garden, it would probably make us think about their incredible sense of cheer and an exhilarating charm that spreads from one corner of our window to the other. As a population, we probably don’t spend anywhere near enough time gazing into […]


Give beneficial pollinators and organic pest control a home

  Sir David Attenborough once quoted: “If we and the rest of the back-boned animals were to disappear overnight, the rest of the world would get on pretty well. But if the invertebrates were to disappear, the world’s ecosystems would collapse.” That’s why Chapelwood’s range of innovative bug and insect huts have incorporated all the […]


Create a lasting memorial for your loved one…

  As a trusty follower of our Grow Your Ideas posts, you will be more than familiar with our many uplifting and exciting new projects which we just love to share. But today we focus on something a little less jovial yet significantly more sentimental. Memorial planters are a wonderful choice when it comes to […]


Your garden’s answer to fast and effective seed growth

Don’t worry. You’re not the first person to question why your seeds aren’t germinating properly. There is nothing quite as disappointing as preparing a patch of soil to the best of your ability, sowing the seed and then waiting… and waiting…. and wai… “Oh come on??!!” A complete fail? Yes – we know the feeling […]


Rejuvenating tired terracotta wall planters with a wonderful sedum collection

So… your garden lacks space, looks tired, drab and dull during the colder winter months? Of course it does. That’s why you have clicked onto this article. We all know how it feels to walk down the street, peering into everyone else’s beautiful garden, admiring their imaginative ability to transform a small space outside of […]

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