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20 frequently asked questions about miniature gardening

With miniature garden designs on the increase in popularity as a preferred hobby these days, we are getting more and more of your questions flooding in for our advice on how to achieve ultimate perfection. Miniature gardening is a fine art and one which we as individuals continue to become more skilled and experienced in […]


Driftwood trough with Caramel tones

  When we think of colourful garden troughs it normally conjures up idyllic images of a picturesque thatched cottage with stunning climbing clematis, mounds of honeysuckle and creeping roses either side of a rustic wooden latch door. In front of that, an elegant winding brick path that leads to a quaint little picket fence, with […]


Why gardening is good for you!

Photo by jeiline   If you’re going to sit and talk to your flowers, at least do it properly! And that’s what we say to all our fellow green-fingered enthusiasts because for one – we don’t like doing things by halves and two – you have a lot to be thankful for when it comes […]


What gardening personality are you?

So, I was looking out of my bathroom window the other morning and I caught sight of something that would make my next blog topic something rather interesting to share with you guys. Now don’t get too excited! At eight o’clock on a Monday morning, having a little nosey into the bedrooms and bathrooms of […]