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Alpine Seating Area

I can categorically promise you that there is no greater feeling than finishing an upcycled project! Today we are going to let you in on some top secrets in how to customize an already upcycled garden feature. But just before we get started, in case you are reading this thinking “I don’t have any upcycled […]


Rose, the Nature Loving Fairy

Miniature fairy gardens can be anything that you want them to be. Fill them with colour. Fill them with character. Fill them with love! That’s exactly what we have done with this beautiful floating fairy garden that we name after Rose, the Nature Loving Fairy. If you have been following Grow Your Ideas for some […]


Why gardening is good for you!

Photo by jeiline   If you’re going to sit and talk to your flowers, at least do it properly! And that’s what we say to all our fellow green-fingered enthusiasts because for one – we don’t like doing things by halves and two – you have a lot to be thankful for when it comes […]


A fairy incredible journey! By Amazing Artist Robin Wight

Wood, copper, sand… wire. Just a few materials that Robin Wight has used to sculpt some of his most inspirational visions by combining shapes and textures with his own life experiences. His sculptures have, in the past, allowed a connection between life, forms, feeling and the human senses.   (Robin Wight meeting Shaky, one of his […]


Rejuvenating tired terracotta wall planters with a wonderful sedum collection

So… your garden lacks space, looks tired, drab and dull during the colder winter months? Of course it does. That’s why you have clicked onto this article. We all know how it feels to walk down the street, peering into everyone else’s beautiful garden, admiring their imaginative ability to transform a small space outside of […]


5 Easy steps to achieve a “WOW” garden feature: Alpine Walls using Clay Drainage Pipes!

Ever wondered how to create an eye-catching feature for your garden without compromising on space? Well we are here to show you how it’s possible in just 5 easy steps! At Grow Your Ideas we are always looking for new ways to get creative but as you will realizing by now – our designs don’t […]


Large Urn with Sedums

If you think that transforming your garden into a dazzling haven of colour warrants the re-mortgaging of your house – think again! Yes – “Self Sufficiency” is our middle name here at Grow Your Ideas and we take great satisfaction in finding ways to innovate gardens up and down the country with the simplest of […]

Wildlife Wall Using Recycled Materials

It’s not as easy as it looks when trying to strike that perfect balance between a conservation-friendly outdoor space with stylish appeal, so we have created this wildlife wall which acts as a refuge for many spectacular and extraordinary species of nature.     As you will remember – not all that long ago we […]