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As a trusty follower of our Grow Your Ideas posts, you will be more than familiar with our many uplifting and exciting new projects which we just love to share. But today we focus on something a little less jovial yet significantly more sentimental.

Memorial planters are a wonderful choice when it comes to striking the perfect balance between a tasteful tribute to your late loved one and a relaxing feature which blends into your chosen setting. It may be that you are looking for a planter to sit beside a grave, or in a nice sunny spot in your garden as your companion loved to do so much. Alternatively you may want to feel like that special person in your life is still with you at home, so a nice place on the kitchen windowsill or resting in the quietness of your brightly lit conservatory. These memorial planters that we have taken great joy in creating, work equally as well indoors as they do outside. If you have no particular location to visit when wanting to remember your loved one, then these planters are perfect for patio areas, conservatories, balconies and gardens at home. The memorial plaques themselves can be positioned anywhere inside the planter, surrounded by a selection of your most favorite succulents or Alpines. And what makes this concept so unique is that you can personalize them greatly. Not only need you consider embellishing the planter with a variety of your loved one’s favorite plants, but the idea also allows you to choose an ideal setting, with peace of mind that you can remember them in their preferred setting.




These memorial planters not only make beautiful focal features for your garden, but create a special space for you to visit your resting pets too. The planters offer a soft and subtle alternative to conventional monuments, suitable to display in the safe and happy surroundings that your cat or dog would have been most familiar with – making them ideal gifts for friends and family too! The rough finish on these granite resin planters we used for this project creates a sense of grounding when paying your respects, with designs that incorporate the notion of new life and eternal living.




Today we often see the traditional granite or marble memorial cubes with the metal grids on the top for filling with flowers, so our planters offer an alternative in terms of aesthetic, with a strong contemporary vision using a unique blend of textures, colors and shapes to create something really special. Our memorial creations have been shrouded in positivity this year with designs that have touched the hearts of those faced with bereavement, giving them a haven to escape to and a place to express their thoughts and feelings.  Offering a discreet way of garden memorialization, these memorial planters are unobtrusive yet culminate a personalized ornament without the expense and formality of a traditional memorial. This particular project as seen in our images, centered heavily around a heaven-based theme using fresh whites from the large pebbles structured on top of a white gravel base. Beautifully elegant white pearl shells with their delicate spiraled cone-tops, point towards the clouds indicating the peaceful journey to heaven. Fresh green Alpine moss breaks up the soft white tones, injecting the planter with a shot of color to add vibrancy and energy to the memorial. We have used some dominant species within this display. Semperviums have great relevance to leaving a lasting memory as their Latin name derives from “always living”. When cared for correctly, the hardy Alpine Succulent will literally last forever, symbolizing the cycle of life itself. Opening up into stunning star-shaped flowers during the warmer months of the year with anywhere between 8-16 petals, the main mother plant of the Sempervium produces many offsets which then set seed for the next generation – and so the cycle continues, making a perfect addition to this breathtaking display. The planter is executed perfectly with a personalized plaque or message stone to finish the complete look.




As we continue developing ideas for our memorial planters, we are discovering that the possibilities for producing such sophisticated works of art are limitless. With our huge selection of Alpines and Succulents our ideas are constantly flowing with endless new and creative ways to arrange the different textures, colors and themes to best suit our customers’ desires – bringing the memorials to life with inspiration and sentiment. Our finished pieces can incorporate personalized plaques, sentimental ornaments or specific plants to most accurately express a strong sense of personality and character. If you would like to discuss a design with us, why not pop us an email with your sizing requirements together with some design elements that have inspired you – and let us take care of the rest. We are more than happy to share our suggestions with you based on our expert knowledge and experience in Alpine and Succulent care, to provide you with the perfect planter to take care of at home or in your garden.



Tailored to the requirements of our customers’ needs and ideas our handcrafted memorial designs are part of our bespoke service. Every element of the design process can be created to express your loved one’s personality, interests and life based on your specification. For those who don’t enjoy visiting cemeteries or the Chapel of Rest, our creations can be suited to the surroundings of your garden, house or a local community.  Memorial planters don’t always have to be sad places to spend time sat at. They are places to celebrate some of the happiest times you have shared with your loved one. A space of peace and tranquility. A place to pray. A time to revisit your most cherished memories.




Ryan Forshaw

Ryan Forshaw

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