Driftwood trough with Caramel tones


When we think of colourful garden troughs it normally conjures up idyllic images of a picturesque thatched cottage with stunning climbing clematis, mounds of honeysuckle and creeping roses either side of a rustic wooden latch door. In front of that, an elegant winding brick path that leads to a quaint little picket fence, with a crooked letterbox and lots of flowering troughs either side. If we don’t live in a beautiful thatched cottage, that doesn’t mean we have to abandon our hopes of creating something equally as spectacular for our own front garden. Far from it in fact!


Remove that gorgeous chocolate box setting and we are left with a garden trough that provides somewhat of a blank canvas for releasing our inner creativity and adapting that to our front or back garden. When Summer arrives you can enjoy all of those same beautiful elements that add to your dream country cottage vision, but this time you only need look out of your window. Garden troughs are versatile enough to be used in any spare space, yet unique enough to feel that same satisfaction that you get when you purchase something handmade. No one else will have the same arrangement as you because it has been crafted with imaginative flare and a keen eye for detail – a little like our driftwood trough here.




Driftwood can be used alongside any of your favourite alpines. You don’t need to stick to any specific theme or layout. Just add as you go along. Creating a driftwood trough brings creativity to a whole new level. It allows you to add depth to your display, texture even – plus it creates great height and acts as a focal point for the center of your design. We just HAD to share this new project with you because we are so proud of the result. We enjoyed building up the trough from simple foundations, to a captivating feature, packed with intricate detailing that only fellow garden enthusiast like you guys and we would instantly be able to appreciate! This driftwood trough also brings bucketful’s of sophistication to the garden, whether you have a large space to play with, or something quite compact and lacking in colour. Bursting with vibrancy, it’s difficult to ignore how much creativity has been injected into this design, so we have decided to create this blog to give you some tips and advice on how to recreate something similar.




Like all of our projects, we leave them open for you guys to add your own personal touches to. You can include a choice of your own preferred species of plant, but we chose these selections because we really felt that they brought the best out of such a unique ensemble of complementing attributes. This particular driftwood trough features stunning coral colours, earthy greens and honey tones to culminate a rustic washed-up beach look. The Sempervivum Atlas which we incorporated into the design, evokes a sharp, untamed look, adding great texture to the trough. From a bird’s eye view, the Sempervivum Joseph that we have added to the trough looks like spiraling tips of a dragon’s tail! The deep purple points of each fleshy leaf create focus yet break up the mixture of green tones jumping out from all edges of the trough. It makes for the perfect colour disperser yet retains its elegance with neat proportions and a tidy profile. We used Micro Mix Steller Stone Gravel to provide the base of our trough. Micro gravel in garden troughs has an incredible array of uses. The stones have a special durable and long lasting metallic finish to their surface, helping to catch the light and add a slight iridescence to the design. Thymus Elfin is a beautiful, luscious creeping species of Thyme which emits subtle pink and purple blossoms to its tips.




This hardy Alpine creates a central focus to the driftwood trough and compliments the coral coloured cashew glass nuggets that are scattered in small clusters at various places of the design. Kamtschaticum Variegatum flowers into an extraordinary golden orange-yellow star-shaped flower during the warmer months, but in the meantime it’s cream splashed leaves add extra volume to the driftwood trough, a perfect accompaniment for our final member – Cape Blanco. This Sedum is an evergreen Alpine which flourishes in a breathtaking display of sunny yellow star-shaped flowers which unfold during the later summer. And now the star of the show….! The driftwood used for our trough is a unique piece selected from the wild, wet southern west coastal shores of New Zealand. Each driftwood piece is completely one-of-a-kind, fitting in perfectly with the strong sense of individuality and creativity that this trough design reflects.




So there we go! All you need to get started on your very own driftwood, gravel and plant trough. We think you will agree that this combination of attractive elements really brings the project to life however, the beauty of this driftwood trough lies within its unrestrained and undisciplined layout. The end finish is a look which excites the imagination and makes you feel as though you could almost put your foot right in it and enter a new world of giant cactus-like trees and sand dunes! Just exquisite!



Ryan Forshaw

Ryan Forshaw


  • Pamela Schulz
    4th June 2016 at 1:32 am

    This is really stunning and am thinking of creating something like this myself, just an idea at the moment but thank you for showing how it’s done, this blog is really helpful x

    • Ryan Forshaw
      Ryan Forshaw
      21st August 2016 at 11:17 am

      Thank you Pamela 🙂 great to see that you found this so helpful. Looking forward to seeing some of your future creations

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