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Miniature landscaping is a form of art – that cannot be denied. Becoming an increasingly popular hobby it can also bring people from all walks of life together with one shared passion – an interest for all things pocket-sized! One could say that the interest for miniature worlds derives from within the imagination. An enchanted and magical world full of make-believe happenings – a little like The Adventures Of Alice In Wonderland possibly? But more often than not, for others the inspiration to down-scale a picturesque setting comes from our surrounding garden, or in fact, the ideas that we would like to put into practice within our own garden if it wasn’t for the lack of space!

That’s where Narumon Schiffer, our winner for last month’s miniature gardening competition drew her inspiration from. Spending many an hour in her garden creating designs from her imagination and tweaking them to perfection, she soon unraveled an innate desire for intricate gardening. By tapping into the world of miniature gardening and the unique beauty that each design can bring to any outdoor space, Narumon started her creative journey using birdhouses as miniature fairy homes and succulents to fill-in small spaces that lacked in colour. Discovering that a selection of succulents each with their own abstract profile and stunning aesthetic, can bring so much innovation and colour to a tiny garden – Narumon’s work steadily continued using similar themes within her miniature garden creations, yet with each one – a finish more refined than the last.




We chose Narumon’s miniature fairy garden design as our proud winner courtesy of its eye-catching beauty and neat, tidy proportions. Finding an ideal balance between tastefully positioned elements and a keen eye for an attractive landscape is critical in achieving perfection when it comes to miniature gardening, a factor that Narumon certainly agrees with:

The challenge is to know when to stop fussing. Like the florist must learn to stop adding more flower to an already fine bouquet. One flower more it would turn overcrowded. For me, imperfection is more interesting than pompously overdone.

Beauty can also be appreciated in Narumon’s choice of miniature garden accessories that she recently ordered from our online shop. Her favorites including the Butterfly Fairy Figure and the Thatched Country Cottage House deliver a simplistic yet clarified look to the planter. The miniature garden design consists of a handful of stepping stones placed over a micro gravel pathway leading to the house, a gorgeous miniature pond with floating lily pads, a cute birdhouse and a selection of stunning delicate planter flowers which only add to the garden’s appeal. Narumon combines texture and colour to create a display bursting with dynamism and visual impact. Laced with elegance, the quaintness of her miniature garden design is subtle in those areas needed, yet bold and daring in others.




Our winner also seeks inventiveness from Social media, using Pinterest and Facebook to begin with one idea and gradually building from that, adding elements from her own imagination into the project until she achieves a balance that feels just right. Sometimes finding a plant or object – Narumon will use that as the focal feature to her design, incorporating additional characteristics to strengthen the design’s beauty as she develops her masterpieces. With an outdoor space that is maintained to immaculate standards, the garden enthusiast nurtures her garden, allowing her to use the space as an escape route from the busy world outside. Her tranquil plot brings relaxation and harmony into one desirable location filled with bursts of energy and an admirable colour palette.

Our miniature thatched cottage house is the perfect addition to Narumon’s cottage planter. It works well with surrounding shades of dusky pinks and soft lilacs. The design of the miniature fairy cottage culminates natural sandy tones that ground the design and compliment earthy greens throughout the display. Narumon’s choice for the cottage garden has remedied a longtime difficulty. Having struggled in her search for cute miniature garden accessories, the closest similarity to small life-like features have been model houses for miniature railways. Finding Grow Your Ideas has enabled Narumon to continue with her passion for creating eye catching planters and containers, safe in the knowledge that a selection of miniature fairy garden accessories are now readily available for her to order whenever she desires – and it also provides us with great inspiration for some new ideas to share with you guys!




We simply adore her keen eye for sophistication, fused with her natural ability to combine stunning aesthetics with a concise yet dynamic layout. The miniature garden which embodies all those elements needed for a beautiful fairy garden, is sure to provide plenty of influential ideas for our keen followers of Tiny Gardens UK.

Check out the following link to our facebook group here for more inspirational photos and advice in miniature world gardening.

We would also like to share Narumon’s absolutely beautiful garden and some of her other creations in the photos below.









Ryan Forshaw

Ryan Forshaw

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