Our top ten miniature fairy houses

Every garden needs a miniature fairy garden! And every fairy need a place to live! Miniature garden designs are on the increase and with so many different themes to be incorporated into any one design, opportunities are endless! Designing your very own miniature garden can facilitate the perfect opportunity for someone who lacks a little inspiration in their garden, to become creative! Miniature fairy gardening comes without any technical expertise, without extortionate costa and of course – is downscaled into a cute little manageable size for any age, gender or personality.




Here at Grow Your Ideas we love creating new and exciting miniature garden designs. We also stock THE BEST range of miniature houses with additional accessories that can be mixed and matched to your liking. Take a glance through some of our fabulous miniature garden houses and star to envisage how your very first miniature garden project is going to look. Once you have seen some of this exquisite designs, fairyscaping will become a breeze – and an obsession at that! Enjoy our top ten miniature houses of 2016!


10) Miniature Log House:

This little beauty is perfect for a woodland or enhanced forest look. With this gorgeous bark texture to the roof and crooked twig chimney – you won’t even need a fairy character to evoke feelings of whimsical enchantment. With a huge selection of miniature woodland accessories, bringing this miniature garden to life is effortless yet so effective!



9) Round Dome Miniature House:

Nothing creates that mysterious, magic and wizardry quite like this miniature house. Creating eye catching appeal with its beautiful chalky blue door and moss-covered roof, the house evokes the sens that something rather unimaginable lived within. But what exactly, no one really knows?!



8) Rustic Mustard Gourd Miniature House:

Ever wondered what lives inside a gourd? Fairies of course! This amazing miniature house is one of our favourites. We love its stunning mustard and leafy green colour combinations when combined with the round lattice shaped windows. The pear-shaped house is simply full of character! Enjoy adding a selection of alpine species to create a container that all of your visitors will marvel at!



7) Pearl Shell House:

With oodles of maritime appeal – we love this beachy-effect miniature house. Its neutral tones make it perfect for adding lots of vibrant coloured alpine species to any planter. Seashell features also look great when dotted around the house or used to line a quaint little pathway. The ornamental addition is enhanced with its lantern style lights rustic wooden slatted door.



6) Princess Tower Miniature House:

Perfect for any little princess. Miniature gardens are a great little hobby for children. The project can consist of a selection of ornamental features, pretty flowers and homemade accessories. This Princess Tower features Rapunzel at the top of the towers, with her plaited hair spiraling down the bricks. Add the white unicorn figure to this miniature garden to create a design that is bursting with a sense of magic and fantasy.



5) Thatched Gothic Church Miniature House:

A beautiful must-have feature for any traditional English Town miniature garden theme. The Church adds rustic charm and historical appeal to a miniature garden design and can be complimented with a number of quintessential British miniature accessories such as the metal bicycle accessory, the miniature lamp post, the red lion pub sign and the traditional postbox accessory. Thr miniature Gothic Church features lovely pink roses creeping up the side of the wall a domed bell tower and incredible detailing to the thatched roof and rough stone walling.



4) Mushroom Tavern Miniature House:

Where do the fairies and gnomes of your garden go to socialize? In the pub of course! The miniature Mushroom Tavern is a beautiful little addition to any miniature garden. Adding interest ad acting as a focal feature to your miniature garden design, the tavern is characterful and colourful. Place a couple of chairs and the miniature bicycle accessory outside the pub to create the impression that the Tavern is the centre of all of the interesting goings-on within the miniature garden community!



3) Green Gypsy Caravan:

The Green Gypsy Caravan is bursting full of character and adds real charm to any miniature garden. The unique traveler’s concept evokes thoughts of little borrower people, moving around in your garden. Leave the miniature campfire accessory outside along with a seating area to make your design really come to life. The Green Gypsy Caravan features beautiful detailing to the front entrance and stunning cream wheel and steps.



2) Rustic Stump Cottage:

We love this little features. It’s so quaint yet so effective. The Rustic Stump Cottage demonstrates everything that we love about miniature fairy gardening. Elegant mushroom steps that lead to a quaint door made from a tree trunk and an enchanted underground door leading to another living quarters. Pink toadstools growing up the side of the earthy mount add a splash of colour to the design. Try adding some woodland stepping stones, the twisted twig bench and a watering can outside the house to create a beautiful lived-in look.




  1. Thatched Country Cottage Miniature House:

It had to be our favourite didn’t it?! And yours too! It’s our best-seller! This beautiful thatched Country Cottage is quaint, modern and so versatile. Nestle is amongst some lush green foliage to create the impression that the cottage is perched on the edge of an enchanted woodland area or create a stunning garden area with elegant pathways made from micro gravel and miniature white picket fencing. Add a miniature watering can, the leaf flowered boots and some amazing glow-in-the-dark mushrooms to light up your wonderful miniature fairy house at night!


Ryan Forshaw

Ryan Forshaw

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