Rejuvenating tired terracotta wall planters with a wonderful sedum collection

So… your garden lacks space, looks tired, drab and dull during the colder winter months? Of course it does. That’s why you have clicked onto this article. We all know how it feels to walk down the street, peering into everyone else’s beautiful garden, admiring their imaginative ability to transform a small space outside of their house into a dramatic and abundantly vibrant feature. And no doubt you have wondered what it would take to get your garden looking that good? Well we have the answer – not much at all.

Sprucing up your garden doesn’t have to be difficult and it certainly doesn’t need to be at all expensive. You will probably be reading this with a slight ounce of disbelief, but as you read on with us, you will understand just how simple this project can be. What’s more – it’s effective! Terracotta planters are your answer. They’re great for planting your herbs, plants and flowers, but have you ever considered using Sedums? Sedums you ask? What do these versatile fellers look like? Well, Sedums are commonly known as Stonecrops. They’re a type of Succulent that mainly consist of star-shaped flowers with five petals, of which there are around 600 species. We love Sedums because they’re so easy to look after and during the summer months emit a beautiful palette of soft pinks, fresh whites and sunny yellows! But that’s not where their talents end….

Sedums are also expert bee and butterfly attractors. If you love nature and gardening as much as us – we know you will be keen to attract both the “humble Bumble Bee” and beautiful “Nectar Collector” to your garden. Yes our little winged friends were more than happy to join us whilst we created our most recent project which we just HAD to share with you. So let’s start with the basics. Terracotta planters won’t cost you a fortune, but all the better if you can re-use an old one. As you can see we took out the old, tired plants that were wasting such a great space and introduced some new life. There are many styles of terracotta planters. Some square, circular and domed being the most popular. But there are also tubular, cylindrical and Oriental-styled pots for a clean contemporary look. We chose some shell-shaped terracotta wall planters to really set of the most appealing characteristics of our Sedum plants. Fired from dense clay, they make a fantastic focal feature for your garden, So much in fact, that you need not worry about doing much else to your garden at all! These Sedum planters we created are all you need to make your front or back garden an eye catching talking point. Not only that, but they are great for drives, or garage walls. So you needn’t worry if your plot is small, or even if you have no garden at all. Everyone from all walks of life can enjoy the striking effect that a terracotta wall planter can have on your house, bungalow or flat. So there you go – we said it! Great for both the youngun’s and the oldies!

Let’s break our easy terracotta project down into steps!

Step one: As we mentioned – clearing out the old residents. We used a bread knife to slice around the edge of the root to remove the parts which we most attached to the inside of the pot. Once the bulk of it was removed, we continued by cutting the ball root back in order to start them off again in a new home. There’s always room at the Inn where Grow Your Ideas are concerned! But being resourceful is not all we are good at, you know? We love to get creative too.













Oh… and we also had a visitor pop over to give it the once over…. Cheeky! We shouldn’t complain too much though – he gave us the tentacles up!




Step two: These terracotta pots, although durable, frost proof and extremely long-living, certainly needed a good ole scrub down. We used a mild Fairy Liquid solution and a soft brush to clean their exteriors up. After this – a bit of Cementone Brick and Patio Cleaner helped to return the planter’s aesthetic back to new. When you do this at home, ensure you are wearing a good protective pair of gloves. Apply the solution thickly and leave for around 5-10 minutes. You will be amazed! Need we say anymore? This before and after picture shows what difference a good cleaning session can do!












Step three: Now the best bit! Take a look at what we replaced the terracotta wall planters with! No, your eyes really aren’t mistaking you. A wonderful explosion of colour and texture. This hand-picked selection of wonderful Sedums we used consist of Coral Carpet, Likadense, Lime Zinger, Coco Cola, Dragons blood and Acre Aurea. We think you’ll agree that they really add an extra dimension to the overall result – but you can mix them up and have a good play about with your favorites. We have all of the spec information, aftercare guidance and prices of these little beauties on our website – so go check them out before everyone gets the same idea as you!! Pssst…. we even have a special discount for first time buyers – because you’re only a Grow Your Ideas newcomer once and we’re just good like that!

















So you got it – we filled the containers up with equal measures of John Innes number two and horticultural grit to make sure they were off to the very best start. And then you’re up and away! Fill the planters with an array of your favorite Sedums like we did and send them into us so that we can share them with our fellow green fingered followers. We always love to see what you guys can create (as long as it’s not better than ours of course!). Finally, mount them to the wall and watch the planters do the rest of the work. If you don’t like too much attention – don’t mount them too close to your windows – awestruck passersby won’t be able to resist a good old gawp at their unmistakable beauty.







See – we really did promise you it was that easy, so consider yourselves qualified terracotta planter designers and get potting! Just one more thing before you do though. Did you enjoy our article? We feel pretty confident that you did but it’s always nice to see it. If you found the article useful please give us the nod by sharing it your fellow gardening friends. And give us a comment and a “like” so that we know exactly what you guys like to read about next from Grow Your Ideas.

Until then – happy planting.

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