Rose, the Nature Loving Fairy

Miniature fairy gardens can be anything that you want them to be. Fill them with colour. Fill them with character. Fill them with love! That’s exactly what we have done with this beautiful floating fairy garden that we name after Rose, the Nature Loving Fairy.

If you have been following Grow Your Ideas for some time, you will be more than familiar with our latest projects! We love finding innovative ways in which we can bring miniature gardens to life by creating unique features for gardens. Whether it be sprucing up an old terracotta planter, designing our own miniature garden on some tired spare ground, or renovating an old bathroom sink to feature in our garden – we like to put our creative skills to the test! Our latest miniature garden project which features this gorgeous lilac hanging plant pot, embodies our personality as a team. We find it so rewarding to put something back into the world and that’s why we are always thinking about ways in which we can serve nature with a gift. Putting life back into our gardens and helping to strengthen natural habitats for wild animals and endangered species is what we are all about – so we came up with a miniature garden design to reflect our love for all things nature.





Let us first start by explaining how versatile these cute little hanging plant pots are! They not only look particularly eye catching as a miniature garden feature but can also house some of your favorite bedding plants, adding a splash of colour throughout your garden no matter what the weather! This hanging plant pot also makes a wonderful and incredibly convenient floating herb garden. Suspended near to your kitchen window, you can grow all of your favorite herbs inside this beautiful hanging pot – an ideal location to grab your mint, thyme, rosemary and sage and throw it into your pan from arm’s reach! But enough about that – today we want to share some inspiration in replicating this miniature garden look, using a number of miniature garden accessories that are available from our vast collection in store.




Rose is quite a shy character. Calm and collected, she appears in her garden every morning before the rest of the neighborhood awakens and she feeds her little fury friends. Miniature animals come from near and far to spend time with Rose. She is the Snow White of the animal Kingdom – a beautiful and endearing friend who is always willing to protect nature. Rose wakes early every morning to listen to the “Dawn Chorus” and starts the day with a cup of tea in her beautiful garden. She scatters her bird seed and waters her flowers every day so that the buzzing bees and the pretty butterflies come to visit her garden for nectar. She often raises her shy head to greet Tommy the Green Fingered Fairy just across the way, who also enjoys a spot of gardening. Rose does, however like to keep herself to herself – enjoying the company of these tiny creatures instead, and nurturing a lovely environment for them to come and visit.




We have included some beautiful miniature garden accessories to really bring this floating fairy garden to life. We chose the miniature copper bird feeders which come as a set of three, to create a stark textural difference against the Armeria Maritima which stands proudly with its elegant white flowering heads, creating height to the overall design. We also used some stunning Acre Aureum to add depth to the miniature garden. Its bright green foliage turns a lovely lemon curd yellow during late Summer, creating a stunning visual display of sunny colours, especially when combined with some Coral Carpet. This eye-catching Sedum creeps over the edge of the hanging plant pot with an elegance that matches the personality of our beautiful Miss Rose, standing in her garden with her pot of bird seed, calling her little winged friends from all around for a spot of breakfast. The miniature rope ladder which runs down the side of the lilac hanging plant pot is a delightful little addition which adds a sense of mystery and magic to the entire miniature fairy garden. The design is finished perfectly with some Saturn Purple  micro gravel which covers the floor of the miniature garden, providing a stable base for our miniature garden accessories, including our set of three cute squirrels. This fury little trio visit every morning for some nuts, thanks to our thoughtful nature loving fairy, Rose who is more than happy to feed all those magical creatures that hide out in our garden, even though we don’t always see them!

Happy Fairyscaping!!


Ryan Forshaw

Ryan Forshaw

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