“Tommy the Green Fingered Fairy” Miniature Garden

Looking for new themed ideas for your miniature garden projects? Here at Grow Your Ideas are always coming up with innovative displays to show off all of your most favorite miniature garden accessories – so it comes as no surprise that we are super proud to be showing you this new floating fairy garden!




Miniature garden hanging plant pots are the perfect way to accentuate a wonderful combination of colours, textures and features to create something totally unique and eye catching that all your neighbors will envy! We have been working hard on this colourful themed tiny garden which includes some incredible miniature garden accessories such as the miniature copper watering can and one of the 3-piece copper buckets – particular favorites of ours! We present to you our Tommy the Green Fingered Fairy miniature garden!!!

There are many ways to create something inventive and unusual for your garden and if miniature gardens aren’t unique enough – an elevated fairy garden certainly will be! Situated inside this stunning lilac hanging plant pot made from frost-proof resin it’s an ideal solution for freeing up some space within your garden and mounting this hanging pot onto a bracket at the side of the house, shed or garage. The miniature garden can be positioned up high – the prefect level for your garden fairies to access! We have created this “Tommy the Green Fingered Fairy” miniature garden from a selection of our miniature garden accessories and some special succulents to really set it off visually!




Gardening is not just for lady fairies! Tommy here, can’t think of anything more enjoyable than an afternoon pruning his dead weeds and watering his flowers in the glorious sunshine. His rather obsessive personality has been known to attract the attention of his lovely neighbour who he is very much fond of! (Wink Wink!) Rose, the nature loving fairy will often sit amongst her sunny flower patch and gaze across at Tommy, admiring his precision, skill and dedication using his favourite pair of shears that are never too far away! And when love is in the air – so are the beautiful flowery scents of these miniature gardens which attract the entire buzzy bee and butterfly community who enjoy dancing in and out of the foliage and basking in the sunshine. Tommy does need to keep good focus during his gardening duties though! A snip of those shears in the wrong direction whilst taking a sneaky peak at Miss Rose over there, and he can kiss goodbye to “tinkling” about in his garden for good!




By planting a combination of Donkey’s Tail, Coppertone Stonecrop and Aloe Aristata as well as Echeveria “Perle Von Nurnberg”, we were able to add dramatic texture and tone to the feature. The Coppertone Stonecrop that we used, adds great height to the miniature garden plant pot, replicating tall trees that tower over our little fairy gardener. The earthy-grey and soft pinkish textures of Echeveria “Perle Von Nurnberg” which can often turn a deeper purple depending on weather conditions, is an ideal and practical addition to use for miniature gardening because it has a clean look with neutral tones that can break the brighter colours of your chosen flowers and miniature fairy garden accessories up perfectly. The spikey surface and deep green tone of Aloe Aristata is exceptionally breathtaking and creates wonderful contrast against the shiny miniature copper watering can. Adding some softer shades to the miniature garden display is the Donkey’s Tail which trails elegantly down the side of the hanging pot, whilst some Necklace Vine sits at the back of the garden, adding depth and additional colour. By including a selection of small plants, you can make use of the tiny green leaves that add scale to the design, putting everything into proportion.



Our chosen miniature garden accessories really add the finishing touches to our floating fairy garden, bringing everything together and creating a real magical feel to the miniature garden. These colourful miniature birdhouses come as a set of three and are decorated in three stunning colours for a real sophisticated finish. By placing these stakes in the ground at different heights we created a superb dimension to the miniature garden hanging plant pot. We think you will agree that the duck egg blue, carnation pink and chalk white colours look superb, especially when nestled in amongst some of our greenery. Tommy the Green Fingered Fairy stands proudly with his sheers in his cute brown hat and waistcoat, using his bucket to collect his dead weeds. The “Fairies Welcome” sign is a quirky addition to the miniature fairy garden hanging pot, inviting fellow winged fairies from all around to pop in for a slice of cake and cup of special fairy tea in the morning sun. Last but not least, we have fixed all our miniature fairy garden accessories down with this stunning turquoise micro gravel which is perfect for supporting anything with a stake or a small base to push down into the ground. The turquoise micro gravel looks fabulous with the lilac hanging pot and creates a visually beautiful duo to be admired by all of your visitors over the summer months.




If you love this miniature fairy garden design – please let us know by giving us a “thumbs up” and don’t forget to share this with your fairy-loving friends and family! Inspire yourselves and others to become more creative and imaginative by trying out this floating fairy garden yourself and send in your pictures to us where we will feature in on our Tiny Gardens facebook page!

Happy Fairyscaping!!

Ryan Forshaw

Ryan Forshaw

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