Wildlife Wall Using Recycled Materials

It’s not as easy as it looks when trying to strike that perfect balance between a conservation-friendly outdoor space with stylish appeal, so we have created this wildlife wall which acts as a refuge for many spectacular and extraordinary species of nature.




As you will remember – not all that long ago we created an Alpine wall using clay drainage pipes . Well, we had many of these little gems left and they were just too good to throw away. Inspired by the following link from the RSPB’s website, we soon got to work, creating our very own innovative wildlife wall. Using a combination of pine cones, held in place with mesh at the front and offcuts of wood from the local wood yard, together with bamboo canes which make wonderful homes for ladybirds, leafcutters and bees, we created some discreet, cosy homes for some of our favourite insects. We filled some of the other clay drainage pipes with concrete, leaving just a little whole for small critters to get inside (in particular bees)! In the remaining pipes we used Buddleia prunings to allow for a compact space for nestling down inside.








Then, on level ground we used a recycled scaffolding plank to support the clay drainage pipes. The pipes were then secured into place using silicone in a diagonal pattern of wooden tubular houses, cardboard, pinecone houses and bamboo cane houses. The result is rather breathtaking we’re sure you’ll all agree. The eye-catching wildlife wall which will soon be modified with a selection of beautiful Alpines at the very top of the wildlife wall to add colour and a real contemporary feel to the area over the next few seasons is enough to brighten up anyone’s garden regardless of the miserable British weather!



Don’t forget to create an approachable and friendly area for all wildlife species including your feathered friends as you continue in your journey to make your garden space a lovely wildlife haven for all to enjoy and revisit.

Please post some of your ideas to our facebook page where we will feature our favourite project on our wall shortly. We look forward to sharing more gardening ideas with you all very soon.

Below you will see just some of the beneficial insects that will make a home in your garden. If you build it they will come!

Until then – keep growing your ideas!


Ryan Forshaw

Ryan Forshaw

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