Wizard Thyme Garden

Whilst you have been busying away with your own garden projects this week, we at Grow Your Ideas have been putting our green fingers to some more creativity with these stunning lilac hanging plant pots. We have created another miniature garden design with a dynamic edge. Let us introduce to you, our fun and incredibly stylish Wizard floating fairy garden. This cute little hanging plant pot made from frost-proof resin is the perfect home for a wizard and his gazing ball.




Creating your own miniature garden hanging feature isn’t just about grabbing a plant pot and chucking a few small bedding plants in! The key to successful fairyscaping is to achieve idealistic proportions and the perfect layout which is scaled down to the correct size to look both realistic and beautiful at the same time. Secondly, those plants that you do decide to use for your miniature garden not only need to look like small trees, woodland areas and garden shrubbery, but they must also live in harmony together. The best miniature fairy gardens are those that grow together and compliment eachother. The next job is to combine the best colours together so that your finished design is both captivating and vibrant.




If you have been following our newest releases from our miniature fairy accessory collection – you will have seen our fabulous fairy dusts. What’s more, if you have a keen eye for adding the perfect finishing touch to your very own miniature garden design – you have probably snapped up our superb offer on them already and are now the proud owner of one! Sprinkled around the entrance of your colourful miniature fairy door, these bottles of fairy dust are avauilable in a range of stunning colours, all with their own magical powers to help keep your fairy in full health! But ever wondered who makes them? That would be our little friend Wilfred the Wizard here! Welcome to a world of magic, potions and mystery. Wilfred is a bona fide expert in wizardry. Having gained his degree at the Miniature Academy of Alchemy and potions, his cauldron is always bubbling away with some new spell. A sprig of Thyme here, a few mint leave there and “poof” a cloud of smoke will dissolve away to reveal one of Wilfred’s new and improved creations. The clever wizard is always refining his recipes to better suit the needs of his fairy friends and he uses his miniature gazing ball on stake to receive his orders through.




Whether Wilfred is creating a fairy dust recipe with faster flying powers, super health, ultra –strength or special night vision – his dedication and hard work will often result in him working through the night when the rest of the fairy neighborhood are fast asleep. The naughty trio of miniature dragons will often stop by for some supper, but their mischievous nature often gets them into trouble where they are shooed off into the night sky to take their naughtiness elsewhere! We added some stunning Thymus Goldstream. This beautiful species blossoms into lovely pink delicate flowers creating fantastic contrast against the bright green lemon scented leaves of Thymus Pulegioides Aureus. Plants from the Thymus species are a great choice for miniature garden projects because they add scale to the design with their intricate leaves – mimicking the look of a real tiny universe. Thymus Silver Posie was as the back centrepiece to give some a height  to the container



The magical Wizard floating garden is a fantastic feature for any outdoor space whether small or large. It creates interest to patios, garage walls or house walls and can also be mounted to the side of a shed. Having a magical themed miniature floating garden is guaranteed to be unique to any other miniature garden in your community. Interchange your floating fairy garden with different miniature garden accessories and plants as and when you like, depending on your mood. You will soon discover that no matter which tiny garden features you choose from – you cannot go wrong with this innovative idea.




Our miniature gardens are designed to inspire our dedicated followers and with so many of you now sharing your fantastic ideas with us, we are finding that our themes and styles are growing with you! Keep sending your wonderful photographs to us where we will share your finished projects on our facebook page which is growing by the minute! Meet other fairy fanatics and let your ideas bounce of eachother as we continue building the business to further suit your interests and passions. Please like and share this blog with your friends and family and don’t forget to tell us how useful you found this blog!

Happy Fairyscaping!

Ryan Forshaw

Ryan Forshaw

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