Yin and Yang Pet Memorial Planters



We’re sure you’ve all been keeping up-to-date with our recent posts. Over the last few months we have been producing some thoughtful memorial planters, designed to the needs and specific tastes of our customers and these have been particularly successful. Using a unique blend of materials, textures and colours with each new creation, our skills and knowledge of Alpines has enabled us to push our creative flare a step further into those areas we may not have believed we could. Flowers and plants represent, in many ways the epitome of happiness. Full of vivid colour and wonderful scents they can instantaneously spark feelings of joy and relaxation. However, there is another side to the world’s cycle and that is the end of life and bereavement. We have combined the elegance and modest beauty of Alpines with a notion that will last forever. A memorial planter that represents perfect balance and equilibrium. This memorial planter was created for one of our customers to remember her two pet dogs by.




Similar to those designs we have created before, this memorial planter evokes strength, empathy and compassion yet embraces a warmth which emanates from the subtle contours of the granite planter itself and the contrasting shades of the pebbles and plants. We chose a selection of fascinating sempervivums that provide a distinct variation between the black and white tones selected to accessorize the planter. Sempervivums originate from the Latin interpretation “Circle of Life”, reflecting a sense of living forever – a concept that we often incorporate into our memorial designs.




We think you will agree that the polished black river stones bring a bold sophistication to the design – the glossy finish interacting with the matt textures of the black and white micro gravel. The fleshy succulent leaves from the Sempervivums are full of life and have been thoughtfully placed to incorporate parts of the design that reflect each of the animal’s happy time on earth. The grey and white feature pebbles finish the display off perfectly and help to ground the design, balancing the different shades of all the different elements used. The arrangement of the memorial planter also demonstrates a new vision for us and one which we thoroughly enjoyed learning about.




Yin and Yang is a Chinese prophesy which represents the complementary qualities of two opposite forces within the natural world. Tangible dualities such as light and dark, male and female, fire and water are all symbolizations of the interacting and interrelation of two contrary influences. When Yin and Yang interact together they form an existence which is greater as a whole than the individual parts. The individual elements we have chose for this design have been cleverly and thoughtfully arranged to represent this Chinese design and work beautifully inside the rounded planter we have used. Yin is characterized by soft femininity, yielding, slow and passive. The more subtle attributes chosen for our memorial concept represent this side of the design, such as the white gravel section, the white dot on the Yang side and the white feature pebbles. Alternatively, yet complimentary all the same, Yang is characterized by solid masculinity, focus, fire and sky. The black micro gravel forms the other half of the design to reflect these aspects of the prophesy. The memorial planter envelopes the Yin and Yang belief perfectly, supporting the design as a unity and a whole in remembrance of the owner’s two lost companions. If one part is unbalanced, the other side becomes deficient.



The customer we created this container for is also in the process of commissioning  a round black pebble and also a round white pebble engraved with the names of her beloveds companions . She will then place these within the design. We do hope to be able to show you the completed design at a later date

We would love to hear your thoughts on this new style memorial planter. Please give us a thumbs up to show your appreciation for this totally unique way to remember your well-loved pets by, and don’t forget to share with those of your friends and family who will love this idea!




Ryan Forshaw

Ryan Forshaw

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